About Oliver Olsen

Oliver-picI fell in love with movies before the age of ten.  When I turned eleven in 1977, I saw Star Wars and it set my life on a certain course which brings me here today.  In 1979 we moved to Whitehorse, Yukon and I managed to get a job at the only movie theatre in town, ripping tickets at the door and telling people to take their boots off the seat, and using the Bissel to suck up the popcorn off the lobby floor.  I wore a clip-on tie because, if I was to get into a scuffle with a patron who wasn’t having a good day and he decided to grab my tie, well, the jokes on him because, no, you can’t choke me with that and watch out, here comes the Bissel!

After about six months I was sort of fired because I was desperately trying to finish up my duties right quick because there were three cute 16 year-old girls waiting for me outside – (Jesus, what would you do?).  I kept my head enough to lock up and put the keys through the slot but then realized I hadn’t changed any of the posters for the new movie.  My friend told me to quit before the hammer came down, which I did.

Luckily at that time a new movie theatre had opened (my Dad was the architect) and I applied there and was hired on the spot.  I soon moved up from popcorn jockey to projectionist and was, amazingly, paid to put the movies together and watch them on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  Pretty sweet.

At the end of high school I wanted to attend film school but couldn’t attend the live interview in Toronto to enter Ryerson so I wasted four years in University learning how to flick beer caps sixty plus feet and then, finally, I went to Ryerson for film, graduating in 1992.

By 1994 I was working full-time as a script supervisor and did this for ten years on movies of the week, HBO, Showtime and some low budget Canadian movies.  We made some really shitty TV but crews were professional and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can work those hours.  I made one short film during this time that won the Best Short in the Worldwide Short Film Festival, 1999.

By 2004 I was pretty sick of being a script supervisor so I went into marketing as Claudia and I started a family.