Furious 7 – The Ultimate Large Scale Creative Teamwork Synergy

I finally got around to watching Furious 7 after several weeks of looking for the perfect moment but the truth, as it turns out, is that any moment will do!  Wake up Monday morning, skip the coffee, turn on Furious 7, be totally wowed and pumped up, have a wonderful day.  This movie gets you there on a number of levels.

For one thing there’s a weird and wonderful feeling throughout Furious 7 apart from the grand spectacular jaw-dropping oh my lord! thrills.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this kind of energy from a movie before – a positive, uplifting, creative inspiration, shining through the screen as a result of the synergistic and splendid work of hundreds of talented pros at the height of their professional and creative powers.  This film is a paragon of unstoppable ‘ultra-teamwork’ from beginning to end.  Take a look at any part of this movie and you’ll see a ton of creative thought, planning, problem solving, and masterfully co-ordinated effort driven by an abundance of respect and passion for the craft, the audience and each other.  Interestingly, this also happens to be the driving theme of the Fast and Furious storyline.  That no matter who you are or which side you’re on – you’re nothing and nowhere unless you make a bond, join a family and build relationships and alliances with those who live by a code of respect and passion.  Watching Furious 7, it’s clear the story ideals have spilled over into the work of the cast and crew.  A cohesive and supportive family made this and you can feel it.

One of the ‘rules’ of the Fast and Furious movies is to be sure to top the last movie in all respects.  While many sequel makers just cash in and push out whatever – the FF folks are committed to going further and stretching into uncharted high octane territory.  That’s not an easy thing to do when you hit movie number four, let alone number seven, but they’ve done it with flying colors.  But how?  There’re a lot of movies with car chases, gun fire and big explosions – what else can you do?  Well, that’s what makes Furious 7 so wonderful.

First of all, there are two bad guys and they have really nothing to do with each other.  Bad Guy #1, Deckard (Jason Statham) is on a revenge kick from the last movie and bad dude #2 wants possession of omniscient super technology (AKA ‘God’s Eye’) that will throw the world into chaos, in the wrong hands. The Furious crew is charged with stealing God’s Eye from bad guy #2, which they can then use to find and eliminate Deckard before he hunts them all down.  In the other movies it was enough of a challenge to, for example, steal cars off a moving train but in Furious 7, they up the ante by having crazy renegade rogue black ops Deckard with all his skills, showing up right in the middle of already wicked action sequences, shooting, driving way fast, throwing thunderous punches and kicks, and blowing things up – in addition to the mayhem that’s already in full play.  Deckard is a double shot of tequila and tabasco in your Corona.

What else?  Let’s think of some stunts that make Mission Impossible look like Peewee’s Playhouse.  Hm, – oh – here’re a few ideas!  Why don’t we have cars driving out of a plane, …or a car flying out the top of an ultra-high sky scraper – into another skyscraper, make that two, …or trying to run off the top of a bus as it slides over a cliff …and not making it.  Heck, let’s do ‘em all and let’s add a murderous flying drone shooting at them at high speed through the streets of L.A. – no cop cars in pursuit, blah – not exciting enough.  Ya, cool, sounds like a plan, Mr. Diesel, you’re wanted on set.

Diesel has just announced three more Furious movies, the next in 2017.  Hm, got any ideas for stunts?

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